Palmtop Sales to Outpace Sales of Handhelp PCs

According to research done by Cahners In-Stat Group, the market for palmtops (pocket-sized devices using touch-screen interfaces) will soar an average of 37% through 2004. By comparison, sales of handheld PCs -- those using a keyboard interface and either Win CE or a proprietary OS -- will grow a relatively sluggish 19% in the same time period. By 2004, annual palmtop shipments will dwarf handhelds: 14.1 million units to 4.9 million.
In-Stat credits the difference to the relative size and weight of handhelp PCs over palmtops. If someone is willing to carry around a two-pound handheld, they would probably be willing to carry around a four-pound laptop to be free of the stripped down OS and applications.

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Jeff @ 4/12/2000 7:25:17 PM #
Cool apparently Bill and company have made a new open source operating system, perhaps this is what the real hoopla around WinCE 3.0 is all about. Can't believe I missed the announcement that Windows CE is no longer a proprietary OS. ;)

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I.M. Anonymous @ 4/13/2000 4:31:39 AM #
RE: [ No Subject ]
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/13/2000 2:40:14 PM #
I disagree....I do not have a H/PC but.....I work on WIN98 laptops every day.
What is not mentioned is the fact that WIN98 still has lots of bugs and is constantly having problems....
People who would carry a H/PC or handheld device are the type that love the convenience on "Instant On", preinstalled apps(Pocket Office, etc.....), and simply the ability to get some work done instead of battling with WIN98....

I know that WINCE is not perfect, but at least you can send an email or type a memo without having to wait for 10 min. on WIN98 to shut down.



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