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Palm User Club would like to thank readers from the Palm Infocenter who have submitted stories and experiences of using their Palm computers. These can now be read on the Palm User Club. Sammual the webmaster of Palm User Club has also illustrated a "day in the life of.....a palm user" and has illustrated how he uses his Palm on a typical day, once again this can be read at the Palm User Club. Finally we still need your Palm experiences and stories as the aim of the Club (which is free for everyone and there is nothing to join) is an online source of sharing experiences of the Palm community on how they use their Palm in everyday life. We want it to be an inspirational site allowing anyone the freedom to comment on how they use their machine.

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How Palm Pilots work

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/1/2000 11:30:56 AM #
Could someone tell me a good site that will tell me how a palm pilot works



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