Dual Boot Linux on a Palm TX

The folks at Eyebeam have put together a couple of pre-configured packages and simple steps for setting up a dual boot environment for Linux on a number of Palm PDAs. There is also a video guide posted on Instructables (embedded after the break) that walks through the process with a Palm TX. This method involves copying over a PDA optimized Linux boot image to an SD card and going from there.

The video demonstrates their Reware project and shows the basics of how to use the Reware disk image and some musical apps created for it. Users are of course encouraged to back up prior to attempting this process as there is a potential for data loss.

Users interested in Linux on Palm devices should also check out the resources and info at Hack&Dev.

Thanks to PalmAddict for the tip.

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How about on the Treo Pro?

SeldomVisitor @ 12/12/2008 12:30:32 PM # Q
Would be a giggle to beat Palm to it!

RE: How about on the Treo Pro?
joad @ 12/12/2008 10:11:32 PM # Q
To do that, they only have until about 2016, when 'Nova' comes out...

Paying my annual PDA update tax to Palm since 1997.
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770: No Surprise

mikecane @ 12/12/2008 1:21:10 PM # Q
That one in the vid must have a dead screen spot because he wound up BASHING THE HELL out of the damned thing to get it to respond - just like me!

So, what else can this thing do? Is there a web browser?

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