Higher Capacity Seidio Treo Pro Battery Now Available

Treo Pro BatteryWhile certainly a slim and sleek device, the Treo Pro's smaller formfactor is a major factor in its reduced battery capacity compared to its older Treo brethren. Despite the substantial improvement made in the new Treo Pro's stock battery over the meager 1150mAh offering found in the Treo 800w and Centro, many power users have still been clamoring for a higher-capacity battery alternative.

Fortunately, longtime accessory specialists Seidio have come to the rescue once again with the surprising release of a new 1650mAh extended OEM-size battery for the Treo Pro. The new Seidio 1650mAh Innocell battery is identical in size to the stock 1500mAh Treo Pro battery yet offers 10% more capacity (or, 150mAh, though Seidio strangely calls it 15% more). As with all of Seidio's OEM-sized batteries, the stock black battery door does not need to be replaced and the physical dimensions of the Treo are not increased.

The new Innocell 1650 is available and in stock now for $49.95 + shipping. Seidio has also recently released an extended 1350mAh battery for the Palm Centro and Treo 800w models.

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Palm rarely learns...

joad @ 11/20/2008 11:52:50 AM # Q
Seidio's 2100mAh battery has made my Treo 755 usable for a whole day. The stock 1600mAh battery couldn't make it very far past lunch if I was actually using it.

The Treo pro has a WiFi radio *and* GPS on top of the cellular radio (and the bluetooth common among phones). And yet, it's only using a 1500mAh battery?!? Either Palm doesn't think people use their phones much later than their morning coffee, or they expect you to just flash it around and not use it.

Seidio makes a reliable battery and has actual service after the sale (they admitted the stock 755 cover didn't fit, quickly designed and supplied a FREE replacement).

It's nice of Palm to generously build up a "jobs program" for Seidio and others by poorly designing obvious things like battery life. But it still seems schizophrenic to call these things "professional" devices, when "professionals" generally like their phones to have enough battery life to make it through a day(at least).

Give me a "fat" phone, especially if battery life is the main thing that suffers to make them ridiculously tiny. With the Treo Pro, apparently it's not just battery life - something about the thin design is leading to cracks, too: http://www.treocentral.com/content/Stories/2197-1.htm

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RE: Palm rarely learns...
hkklife @ 11/20/2008 12:17:58 PM # Q
Don't forget....the 800w has that "big" 320x320 screen, GPS & wi-fi *AND* it's CDMA (notoriously more power hungry than GSM) and it has the pitiful 1150mAh battery shared with the Centro. That one is right up there with the T|T3 for the most under-spec'd battery ever in a Palm product.

I didn't think Palm could possibly do any worse than they did on the Treo 680 & 750's 1200mAh batteries but they managed to do it with the Centro & 800w.

And y'know, bringing up the Treo Pro cracking issue addresses another topic for debate: for the past few years we've been able to run crying to the carriers when our Treos/Centros crap out or otherwise go sour on us and are spared the misery of dealing with Palm directly. But buying an unlocked handset such as the Pro that's essentially not available anywhere BUT from Palm and certainly with no outlet for addressing/repairing problems other than shippping it to Palm...having the carrier as an intermediary between the user & Palm is one thing we can be grateful to the big telcos for giving us.

I thought that was a lot of $ to risk on the unlocked Treo Pro even before the plastic cracking reports. Buying one of those suckers is essentially a gamble that Palm's notoriously poor quality control won't let you down again. Maybe Palm should consider including a free refurb Treo 650 GSM or 500 with every Treo Pro purchase so that people have something to carry around in their pocket & stick their SIM car into in case the Pro has to be sent off for repair?

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RE: Palm rarely learns...
joad @ 11/21/2008 11:33:45 AM # Q
>Maybe Palm should consider including a free refurb Treo 650 GSM or 500 with every Treo Pro purchase so that people have something to carry around in their pocket & stick their SIM car into in case the Pro has to be sent off for repair?

I've actually had a variation on this conversation with higher-ups at Sprint. With people (and companies) dumping their landlines in favor of relying on the cell companies, waiting "seven to ten days" (1/3rd of a month) for your insurance replacement to come through is a ridiculous option. Even though the stores will have the exact phone sitting on the shelf, they are required to make you wait for the same exact phone in the same exact condition to be shipped from the Sprint warehouse. It's something to do with what Excel sheet - insurance or retail sales - the serial number has been dropped into.

With CDMA you are at your carrier's mercy for phone swaps (no SIM to deal with), and it's ridiculous that Sprint can't just pull a few old working phones out of the "donation" bin and hook you up a loaner so you can use the service you are paying for while they send your replacement phone via pony express. A phone company that had a clue about customer service would understand that phones are pretty crucial to the people that pay them so much to keep them working.

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