Verizon Centro ROM Update Released

Verizon Centro UpdatePer their usual tradition, Palm and Verizon have quietly released a new ROM updates for the Verizon version of the Palm Centro. With this update, the Verizon Centro has been brought up to ROM version 1.03.

Palm is being rather vague on the specific improvements in this update, claiming only: "This software update is a minor tune-up that may improve device usability in certain situations."

Presumably, this wording could mean that changes have been made to the radio operation of the Centro much like Verizon's previous 755p update. Both Hotsync & SD card-based versions of the 20.7mb installer executable are available for download for all versions of Windows. The update support page can be found at Palm Support.

Previously, the Sprint version of the Centro received a 1.07 update earlier this summer. No word if any of these improvements are contained in the new Verizon Centro ROM. As always, this update is done at the users' risk and a full Hotsync backup is recommended prior to running the update.

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