Unlocked Treo Pro Coming to Best Buy?

Unlocked Treo Pro Best BuyRumor: The Boy Genius Report has obtained and posted screenshots of Best Buy's internal inventory system this morning. Among their finds is possible evidence that the electronics retailer plans to start selling the unlocked Treo Pro in its stores soon. A screen capture (mirrored here) lists an Unlocked Palm Treo Pro in the company's inventory screen. It shows an in stock date of October 26th.

Palm began taking pre-orders on the Unlocked Treo Pro from its own website a couple of weeks ago, and has just begun sending out its first shipments to customers in the US. Having the devices out on display in retail locations across the country would certainly help boost awareness and sales of the currently carrier free device.

For more on the Treo Pro be sure to read our in-depth Treo Pro review and watch the initial unboxing video.

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