Digital Life 2008 Show Cancelled

Longtime technology publisher Ziff Davis Media Inc. has canceled its 2008 DigitalLife show in New York City. Held at the Javits Convention Center, this show has been of primary interest to Palm-watchers as the venue for the official release of their "consumer-oriented" smartphone releases of 2007's Centro and the Treo 680 in 2006. The show was scheduled to run September 25th-28th. Ziff Davis cites "poor economic conditions" as the primary reason for the show's cancellation this year.

It was widely assumed that Palm would be launching the Treo Pro at this year's event, as the show's timing coincides nicely with Palm's traditional fall release schedule in October. Palm was even listed as an exhibiting sponsor prior to the cancellation announcement. It's entirely possible that the seemingly rushed Treo Pro announcement is also related to the Digital Life show's termination.

According to the official Digital Life site, the show "…has been postponed. Please check back for details on DigitalLife 2009." DigitalLife parent Ziff-Davis has endured several years of declining advertising revenue, readership loss, and a general downturn as conventional print media continues to struggle against online news sites and blogs. The company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and has shuttered the majority of its print publications aside from PC Magazine and Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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Gee, ya think?

mikecane @ 8/27/2008 11:04:32 AM # Q
If you'd read my blog, you'd have known last week!

For those who want to relive what 2007 was like - with many pics - see:

OTOH, there's also Interesting next month:

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legodude522 @ 8/29/2008 9:31:29 AM # Q
The show sucked last year. I only spent about an hour there. Just looked over everything and left. They had much better shows before.

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