FontSmoother for Palm OS Updated

FontSmoother - Palm SoftwareFontSmoother for Palm OS has just been updated. FontSmoother enables you to display smooth (antialiased) custom fonts on your Treo, Centro or PDA. It works across nearly all applications on Palm OS 5 devices with 320x320 or larger screens. FontSmoother includes a number of free smooth fonts and comes with a utility that enables you to convert Windows TrueType fonts. This version includes a few minor updates and fixes including Euro character support, a few display fixes and a new font download button.

FontSmoother v2.3 sells for $12.95 USD. There is a free, fully functional 8 day trial, after which all smooth fonts default to their non-smooth versions until registration is completed (except in a few select bible applications). The program was recently featured in our Five Tips to improve the Blazer Web Browser article.

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Obligatory 'Fontsmoother rules' comment

freakout @ 6/17/2008 7:30:38 PM # Q
Fontsmoother rules. Inexpensive, stable, user-friendly, looks great. Buy.
RE: Obligatory 'Fontsmoother rules' comment
Take1 @ 6/20/2008 1:07:34 AM # Q
I wholeheartedly agree. This program has been among the first to be installed on any Palm device I've had. I wouldn't use the Palm OS if I couldn't replace the standard huge fonts with Arial 11pt (converted from Windows). I found this size font to be superb for almost all my reading/browsing needs. If you haven't tried this app you really should give this a try!

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