VersaMail Personal Edition Released for Verizon Centro Users

Centro VersamailCoinciding with the Centro's launch on Verizon Wireless, Palm has quietly introduced a new cut-down version of their VersaMail e-mail client. This new release of VersaMail is designed specifically for the new Verizon Wireless version of the Centro and the device's corresponding $29.99 unlimited smartphone data plan. The new release, entitled VersaMail Personal Edition, is an optional download alongside the existing standard edition of VersaMail for new Verizon Centro owners. VM PE lacks Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support but is otherwise identical to its full-featured sibling.

Palm differentiates the two versions of VM by Build 104 (Personal Edition) and Build 103 (VersaMail). Palm's support page detailing both the differences between the two versions of VM can be found here. The page also offers step-by-step instructions for downloading the VM installer from the MyCentro portal app.

Unlike Sprint and AT&T's versions of the Palm Centro, Verizon has chosen to not include VersaMail 4.x in the ROM of their Centro. This is par for the course for Verizon, as their versions of the 755p and 700p also not include VM in ROM. Earlier this year, Palm released an updated Build 77 version of VersaMail 4.01 for Sprint Centro users only.

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