Alltel Treo 755p Rom Update Now Available

Palm has quietly released a new ROM update for Treo 755p users on the Alltel network. Alltel's version of the Treo 755p comes in sleek all-black color scheme and was released after the device's debut on Sprint but prior to Verizon's 755p launch late last year.

Palm has not released any details or posted to their blog about the availability of the Alltel 755p ROM update, other than saying that: "This software update is for a phone reset issue that occurs under certain specific and rare conditions." The Alltel 755p ROM will be at version 1.03 after successfully completing this fix and all 1.02 ROM users should install this update.


As always, Palm advises that users allow up to 45 minutes for the update to complete and to perform a Hotsync prior to launching the ROM updater. ROM updater executables for users with and without miniSD cards are available for Windows users. Mac users must run the launcher from an external expansion card.

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Sprint Treo 755p Woes on VIDEO

mikecane @ 6/15/2008 4:12:02 PM # Q
I wonder if what it fixes is this?

How many other people get that?

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