Apt - New Utility for Palm OS Released

Apt - PalmApt is a new program for Palm OS devices. It is described as a cross between a button launcher, preferences app and macro program, tailored for individual applications on your device. Apt allows you to configure your device in a per-application basis, by adapting your settings as you move between programs. Customizable settings include things like brightness, screen orientation, button assignments and launcher menu shortcuts. You can also capture any sequence of events on your device and create macro's within existing apps.

Apt v1.0 is available now for Palm OS 5 and higher. It comes in two versions, a free "lite" version and a full features version, which has more options not available in the free version.

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Finally you can OWN your Palm

SelonPi @ 5/14/2008 12:05:35 PM # Q
Apt is the most powerful Palm tweaker (understatement of the year) I've ever seen. You can automate just about anything you can imagine. I use single strokes to launch VersaMail, purge old messages, empty trash, and get new mail. Other strokes from my launcher update multiple weather apps in succession with no input from me, update AvantGo, and more. Anything you can do in menus or with taps and strokes can be scripted. You can build menus of apps on each button and launch 9 apps from each of those menus with one more button press. The current beta allows if/then, timed functions, launch any app as DA, and more. I've replaced nearly 10 apps with this one. The developer is also very available and responsive. I don't want to fill this page, but give it a test run. There are 2 threads at 1src and a wiki to really let you know what it can do. See the following links for more:
wiki w/samples, docs, tutorials, & more: http://apt-palm.wikidot.com/
Current thread: http://tinyurl.com/6yf7xb
The beginning (closed, but informative): http://tinyurl.com/6b58jn

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it is not that good, it's ggrrreat!

technical1 @ 5/14/2008 12:48:00 PM # Q
it is hard for one to _not_ sound like they are a business partner, or the developer himself talking about how good Apt is, but it _is_ ... great :)

to complement what you posted, let's remember that you can do all of that great scripting, macro & settings stuff either on a per-app basis, or globally in Apt's *default*, main screen...

Everybody, follow the above links, & kick the tires & drive it around the block. This app is Rookie of the Year & MVP!

Using Palm TX, SanDisk UltraII 1Gb SDcard, ZLauncher 5.41, MessagEase STamp4TX, PXA Clocker 5, Datebk6, Bonsai, DayNotez, MySkin, SuperNames, RescoExplorer +Backup+Viewer, SplashID+Money & more & loving it!

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