WiFile Pro 2.0 Released

Hands High Software has released WiFile Pro v2.0 for Palm Powered handhelds and smartphones. WiFile Pro enables Palm OS handheld computer users to view, copy, and manage files on networked computers.

With WiFile Pro and a Palm Powered device that is connected to a network, users can open and transfer applications, databases, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, MP3 music files, digital photos, and more, all located on their personal computers, corporate servers, school computers, or the Internet.

WiFile Pro 2.0 for Palm OSWiFile Pro is an upgrade to Hands High’s WiFile software. New features include an easier to use interface, new file management capabilities, expanded support for plug-in memory cards, and support for new network protocols, including FTP and WebDAV. WiFile Pro is the first handheld software product to support the WebDAV protocol, an emerging standard for providing secure file transfer over the Internet.

WiFile Pro supports Windows Networking (also known as SMB/CIFS), FTP and WebDAV networking protocols. It can connect to Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and Netware computers. Since WiFile Pro speaks native networking languages, often there is no additional setup required on the server computers.

While WiFilePro will work with any network connected Palm Powered device, most users will connect to a local network wirelessly using either a WiFi (802.11) enabled device, a Bluetooth enabled device, or a Palm OS enabled smartphone. WiFile Pro is available now for $29.95. [BUY]

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The new webdav feature works great.

HunterHawk @ 5/24/2005 1:28:37 AM # Q
FYI, the new version supports webdav, including webdav + ssl, which is really cool. The performance over wifi is pretty good.
This is pretty impressive since many DAV clients don't work properly, and of the ones that work, they often don't have ssl support. This is proving to be a really handy way form me to get data onto my lifedrive, since I don't like to boot into windows to hotsync.


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I'd really like...

rasty @ 5/24/2005 12:14:08 PM # Q
... an application that makes you see network shares like a virtual SD Card so you can use them from everywhere! (mp3 and video streaming..)

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