Rapid Movie v2.0 Released

Rapid MovieRNS Software has released a new version of Rapid Movie for Palm OS. Rapid Movie allows you to capture movie clips in a number of different cinematography techniques including: Time-lapse, stop motion and Sequential shooting modes for artistic effect. The movie clips are captures in QuickTime movie format (*.mov) and can be viewed on a desktop or on device with CorePlayer. This latest version includes a number of improvements and support for the Palm Centro and Zire 72.

Rapid Movie v2.0 for Palm OS is available for $14.95. A free trial period is included.

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Higher REz Movies?

LiveFaith @ 2/13/2008 7:43:03 PM # Q
I guess the wimpy Treo hardware is to blame here. But, it would be nice to see a video app that would deliver on VGA full sized vids at 30fps. Didn't another app use the new compression techniques to do this?

Pat Horne
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Lack of Focus

ogruvin @ 2/14/2008 9:49:06 PM # Q
While Palm has been focused on it's organizational structure, RIM and Apple have been building better smartphones. When I was forced off my Treo 600 onto a company issued Blackberry I could have died. The phone sucked, the calendar sucked, forget the web. About a year ago I changed jobs and switched to a Treo 680. What a let down. The hardware is cheap. I'm on my third one (luckily all on warranty). First one was a hardware failure, the power button quit functioning and second one quit accepting call yesterday. The next one will be on me as my warranty is about to expire. I see a Blackberry or an IPhone in my future as I won't continue down this path when my own money is being spent.
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