Avvenu Brings Google Desktop Search to Mobile Devices

Avvenu today announced that its new remote access and sharing service lets users search their desktop computer from any web-enabled mobile device using Google Desktop Search, a free downloadable application from Google that gives users the ability to search for information on their computers. Once users search their computer, Avvenu lets users select a file from the search results and immediately view, share or download the selected file on their mobile device.

“The ability to search remote computers from your mobile device greatly extends the Avvenu service,” said Keith Barraclough, Avvenu founder and CEO. “The need to carry laptop computers is rapidly diminishing, since users can do more and more from smart mobile devices.”

Avvenu is a free service for Windows PCs that lets business users and consumers securely access their office and home computers directly from their web-enabled mobile device or laptop computer. In addition to accessing their own content, Avvenu users can quickly and securely share access to their content with colleagues, friends and family. Avvenu users can access important documents when traveling, share pictures while still on vacation or distribute large files to colleagues – in seconds.

Users enjoy the security of knowing they have safe, password-protected access to their files and folders when using Avvenu. All data transfers are encrypted and transmitted using 128-bit SSL, the web standard for secure transactions. When sharing files using the Avvenu service, guests see exactly what’s been shared with them, and nothing else. Since files are shared directly from the subscriber’s computer, users maintain complete control of who gets access and for how long. And guests don't need to be a member of the Avvenu service in order to view what’s been shared with them. Avvenu also intelligently manages the connection to match the device being used. For example, Avvenu’s smart viewing feature scales large files, such as photos, to the right size for fast viewing on mobile devices.

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cyberdude @ 11/14/2005 1:43:45 AM # Q
Best free app I've seen for remote access hands down! Make that best app Period!

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