Palm Announces Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile Support

Treo 750Palm has announced that in support of the release of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Palm Treo) smartphones running Windows Mobile are ready to take advantage of Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007. This free client to the Office Communications Server 2007 software adds industrial-strength instant messaging and the ability to quickly locate and check the status of others on the network, giving mobile professionals even better means to communicate quickly with colleagues.

The Office Communicator Mobile 2007 client is designed to extend the reach of Office Communications Server 2007 using Windows Mobile Treo smartphones, including the Treo 700wx and Treo 750 in North America and Europe as well as the Treo 750v and Treo 500v in Europe and other parts of the world. Office Communicator Mobile 2007 has a look and feel similar to the desktop version of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and helps ensure that access to the capabilities provided by Office Communications Server 2007 can continue when people are away from their desks.

"We're committed to supporting Microsoft's infrastructure products via our Windows Mobile-powered Treo smartphones," said Joe Fabris, director of wireless solutions for Palm, Inc. "Our relationship with Microsoft allows us to provide mobile enterprise solutions that serve as long-term investments."

Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007, the mobile version of Office Communicator 2007, is available today as a free download here.

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Gazpacho @ 10/16/2007 4:02:19 PM # Q
1) Link is broken. Actually, the link was already broken in the original Press Release. Very unprofessional.

2) The download has been available since September 2007. Why is this new?

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RE: Hm
SeldomVisitor @ 10/16/2007 4:50:48 PM # Q
Picky picky picky.

PALM's outsourced PR in recent history consistently has been less than the best - why stop a streak!

As far as not-new products being newly drumbeat about, though, PALM needs as much press as they can get - this one cost them next to nothing - money well spent.

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