New Weather Service for PDAs & Smartphones

Weather lovers have a new tool at hand to obtain weather information on demand through a handheld friendly weather web service. The free service allows PDA and smartphone users to access real-time radar and animated satellite weather images and forecasts. More...

The PDA Animated Weather service, known as PAW, benefits a diverse community, from long-haul truck drivers to firefighters in Puerto Rico to commuters trying to get to work safely on a snowy morning. The free service allows PDA users to access real-time radar and satellite weather images and forecasts whenever and wherever. PAW users can choose from a multitude of geographic regions and data options, including functions like animation, zoom and roam.

"It's like a meteorologist's dream," says Russ Dengel, a senior information technologist at UW-Madison's Space Science and Engineering Center. Russ created the service for meteorologists and weather enthusiasts because he wanted access to radar images using a PDA.

Recently, he tailored the service to meet the needs of the fire department in Puerto Rico. Dengel set up a radar loop centered on San Juan and added satellite data showing clouds over the area. The PAW, he discovered, is "a fairly decent unit for first responders." He plans to continue to work with fire fighters in Puerto Rico to help them get the most out of the PAW service. Dengel also accommodated the fire department in Boise, ID by outfitting PAW with region-specific radar products.

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Weather Underground

onestar @ 1/12/2006 10:02:07 PM # Q
The Weather Underground website has long has a PDA/mobile version available.

There's no charge for this service, and it's real-time as well.

One by one, the penguins are stealing my sanity.

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