Missing Sync for Intel Macs Soon

Mark/Space today announced that they will be releasing a universal application update to the Missing Sync for Palm OS. It will be a free update for owners of version 5.0, version 5.1 will ship as a universal binary, providing full support for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. More...

Mark/Space expects to make this update available before the end of March.

"Native Intel processor support is the latest in a series of Apple technologies, including Sync Services and Spotlight integration, that we have built into The Missing Sync for Palm OS," said Brian Hall, Mark/Space president and CEO. "Version 5.1 delivers on our promise to support Apple's Intel transition and provides what is by far the best Palm OS experience on the Mac platform."

The Missing Sync for Palm, OS, v5.1, will be a free update to all owners of version 5.0, while upgrades from version 4.0 or older will be priced at $24.95 for electronic download. New users can purchase version 5.1 for $39.95 (download version) or $49.95 (CD-ROM).

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legodude522 @ 1/31/2006 8:42:38 PM # Q
I'm sure the PowerPC version will run fine with Rosetta. Its a freaking Dual Core processor, lol. Anyway, why so long? I bet they didn't use xcode :-P Port it my friend :-)

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