Kinoma Play Released for Windows Mobile

Kinoma PlayKinoma has released a new "mobile media browser" for Windows Mobile devices. Kinoma Play aims to go beyond organizing and playing a user's video, audio and picture files, by bringing in media from around the Internet through the built-in Kinoma Guide, a comprehensive catalog of "the freshest, most diverse" mobile media available.

The software offers built in access to the latest podcasts and streaming media as well as functioning as a comprehensive media player with audio and video support.

"We created Kinoma Play to make it fun and easy for people to discover all the great media their phones can play," said Peter Hoddie, co-founder and CEO of Kinoma. "By combining media playback and browsing, Kinoma Play frees users to explore an unprecedented range of media content."

Among the key innovations in Kinoma Play:

  • Streaming podcasts Instead of tediously downloading and syncing, podcasts stream on-demand, so users are always up to date
  • "Media First" user interface User interface elements all-but-disappear when viewing photos, listening to music, or watching video to keep the focus on the media
  • High quality YouTube Kinoma Play provides high quality YouTube video by playing the same feeds delivered to your PC, when bandwidth permits
  • Integrated search Search your phone, your home PC and the Internet to find what you want
  • Menu Pod A animated dynamic menu providing fast access to many powerful features

Kinoma Play Windows Mobile

Technical Details

Kinoma Play supports MPEG-4 Video SP and AVC/H.264 codecs, 3GPP (same as MPEG-4), Flash Video (Sorenson Spark codec), QuickTime Movie (same as MPEG-4) and Windows Media 9 (WMV9 codec) video formats.

For audio playback Kinoma Play supports MP3, AAC (iTunes), aacPlus, Flash Video (MP3 in an FLV), and Windows Media Audio 9 audio formats. It also supports FLAC uncompressed audio. For streaming, Kinoma Play supports HTTP, RTSP, and MMS streaming.

Kinoma Play is available at the Kinoma web site for a one-time payment of $29.99. The software is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher.

Kinoma is also offering a free version entitled Kinoma FreePlay. FreePlay functions as a basic mp3 player and photo viewer and omits many of the advanced features found in the standard application.

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Similar to Orb 2.0?

rolandstone @ 8/25/2008 1:10:11 PM # Q
Looks like most of this functionality can be duplicated on Palm OS using Orb 2.0 + Kinoma 4Ex. But this would make me feel better if I had to switch from my Palm OS Treo to a Windows Mobile Version. One feature that the "Orb 2.0 + Kinoma 4Ex" is missing is Live365 compatibility. I'm jealous of that!

RE: Similar to Orb 2.0?
joad @ 8/28/2008 4:21:42 PM # Q
other than the quirky interface, Kinoma is a fairly nice player with some good features (if you can find 'em).

Paying my annual PDA update tax to Palm since 1997.
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