DDH Releases New Version of HanDBase

DDH Software has just released a new version of its HanDBase relational database application for Palm OS, Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile Smartphone and Symbian S60 (formerly “Series 60”) devices. There is also a all-new Mac version of HanDBase desktop. HanDBase allows the creation of custom mobile database lists and data collection applets.

Regardless of platform choice, users will enjoy some new capabilities with the HanDBase Desktop component. To begin with, the company has introduced an all-new Mac version of HanDBase Desktop, providing Mac OS X users with the ability to make changes to databases from the convenience of their desktop.

HanDBase for Palm OSUpdates to the mobile Palm OS version of HanDBase include:

  • One-handed navigation support for Treo 600 and 650 smartphones;
  • Five-way navigation support;
  • Improved formatting options for the HanDBase Forms Designer via a “snap to grid” feature;
  • Support for the latest high-resolution screens, 320 x 480, even in custom designed forms.

The new Pocket PC/Windows Mobile version of HanDBase includes:

  • Category support;
  • Support for Windows Mobile 5;
  • An Auto-Save option;
  • Landscape/VGA device support;
  • Compatibility with the new Treo 700w and other square-screen devices.

Since first introduced in 1998, HanDBase has enabled owners of Palm OS, Pocket PC/Windows Mobile-based PDAs, and most recently Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile Smartphone handsets, to take their most vital information with them while on-the-go. Users can design their own databases from scratch or start from any of the thousands of free applets available at ddhsoftware.com, which have been created and submitted by HanDBase users. HanDBase is available at the company's site, prices range from $24.99 to $99.99.

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feature most desired

drw @ 3/12/2006 10:04:01 PM # Q
I do a lot of data entry with handbase. I have a tungsten C, but this could correlate to any handheld with a thumbpad.

When I go to a number field (either integer or real) it would be real nice if handbase shifted the thumbpad into numlock mode so I don't have to double press or press and hold the option button before entering numbers.

When entering an address in palm address book, if you enter a number or zip code, you don't have to put the thumbpad in numlock mode. The OS intuits that since you're in a number field, it sets the thumbpad to put in numbers and not letters.

I have called DDH about this and they admitted their software cannot do it. I suggest that simply because of the popularity of the treo (both palm and windows versions), they should consider this minor addition to their featureset.


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