Missing Sync for Palm OS Goes Universal

Mark/Space announced today that a Universal version of The Missing Sync for Palm OS is now available. Universal applications for Mac OS X run natively on both Intel and PowerPC processors, providing the best performance on Apple's latest Macs, including the iMac Intel Core Duo and MacBook Pro. Version 5.1 is a free update for owners of version 5.0.

Mac Missing Sync for Palm OSMissing Sync for Palm OS provides synchronization for users running Address Book and iCal in Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger". The Missing Sync replaces Apple's iSync Palm Conduit and synchronizes all the fields on the latest Palm OS devices, even those that iSync misses, such as work address, IM address, birthday, calendar categories and more. All this is done using Apple's Sync Services technology for maximum compatibility.

"Our passion is to give Mac users the very best handheld device experience," stated Ken Freeman, director of product management at Mark/Space. "With this release, we've added native support for Intel Macs to a long list of unique capabilities that includes iPhoto and iTunes syncing, folder sync, Spotlight memo searching and Sync Services support for better Address Book and iCal syncing. Nothing else comes close to this level of functionality and ease of use."

In addition to supporting Apple's latest hardware with this update, Mark/Space has enhanced Sync Services support for better syncing of Address Book and iCal data, added extra handheld backup options and improved the handling of calendar events assigned to specific time zones. No longer are Mac users left behind when it comes to sharing important information between their Mac and a Palm OS handheld or smartphone.

Pricing and Availability
The Missing Sync for Palm OS, v5.1, is a free update for all owners of version 5.0. Upgrades from version 4.0 or older, or from other Missing Sync products, are $24.95 for electronic download. New users can purchase version 5.1 for $39.95 (download version) or $49.95 (CD-ROM).

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Word of warning

Kesh @ 3/28/2006 9:05:43 PM # Q
One thing to note: don't ignore the warning in the installer to run a hotsync *before* installing 5.1 of Missing Sync. The new version is set to overwrite the Palm with the data on your Mac, to take advantage of the new data sync. So, you want to make sure you've got the latest data on your Mac first.

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