TAKEphONE v7.50 Released

Takephone Treo SoftwareShSh Software has announced the release of TAKEphONE v7.50. TAKEphONE is a telephony & contact management application, designed to simplify and enhance using your contacts and making calls. It also sports enhanced search capabilities, as well as telephony features, such as call-cards support, extra digits dialing on all contacts, and much more. New features include full support for the Treo 755p/680, a new i-bar photo dialer on the main screen, Internet phone number search, improved security features and the ability to save call-log entries into a daily journal.

TAKEphONE v7.50 is available for $19.95, it is currently on sale for $16.95 in the PIC store. The upgrade is free for registered users, simply install the new version via the free trial.

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