PDANet for Treo 700p & 755p Updated

June Fabrics Technology Group has updated its PdaNet software for the Palm Treo 700p/755p. PDANet allows your computer to go online by connecting to your Treo smartphone through the Hotsync USB cable or Bluetooth. If you own a Treo phone with a Dial Up Networking (DUN) data plan subscription from any carrier, the software will enable your wireless Internet Connection for your laptop/desktop computer instantly with no extra hardware or setup necessary. PdaNet is only compatible with Windows Vista(32bits)/Windows XP/2000/ME and does not support the Mac OS at this time. New features include full Treo 755p support, a new feature to initiate the app from the computer and Windows Vista fixes.

PdaNet for Treo 700p/ 755p v4.10 is available with a free trial and costs $34.00 to register. It is also available for the Treo 650 & 680 and Windows Mobile devices.

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linds @ 8/10/2007 6:43:02 PM # Q
Awesome app and even more awesome if I can intiate the connection from my computer. I wander if I get a free upgrade if I already have the 700p version I think it is 4.01.

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old news...

joad @ 8/13/2007 12:56:14 PM # Q
This "update" (version 4.10) has been out for at least a month. Works fine on the 755p. Old news is good news, I guess....

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