Electric Pocket's Ringo Mobile Updated

Ringo MobileElectric Pocket's Ringo Mobile ringtone manager software has been updated. Ringo Mobile now supports Windows Mobile 6 and includes more options for identifying incoming callers. Among the new features of Ringo Mobile is the ability to quickly and easily associate a picture or other graphic to appear when incoming calls arrive. It also now allows users to set specific ringtones and SMS tones for any caller not listed in the Address Book or, as an alternative, set the tone to Silent Mode when unknown calls arrive.

Pricing for Ringo Mobile starts at $24.95. It is available for both Palm OS and Windows Mobile Treos and includes a free trial period.

"Ringo Mobile users love their Smartphones enough to want to personalize them with their own favorite ringtones and MP3s, but what makes this capability even better is when you can use those tones or pictures as a cool form of caller ID," said Iain Barclay, Electric Pocketís Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. "The ability to recognize a caller with a MP3 or a glance at a picture on the screen is much nicer than trying to figure out who the caller is by the number displayed on the screen."

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