Palmary Clock Wireless for Treo Updated

palmary clock wirelessPalmarySoft's excellent PalmaryClock Wireless for Treo has been updated. This version of PalmaryClock is optimized for the Treo with a stylish and functional interface. The app is a powerful time management tool that has skins and background image support, unlimited quantity of independent alarms with MP3 support and an ability to start and schedule any program installed on your device. It also includes weather, currency and sunrise/senset and moonphase information. Updates in the recent release include full support for the latest Treos, misc bug fixes, DST updates, a battery check and a faster image decoder.

PalmaryClock Wireless for Treo v1.2 is available now with a free trial. It sells for $19.95 but is currently discounted to $17.95 for a limited time.

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a powerful time management tool

vetdoctor @ 7/25/2007 9:07:37 AM # Q
It's a clock.

But Wait! there's more! it slices, it dices, it's yet another alarm clock. Programmers must thing Palm owners are exceptionally sleepy people. On my Treo 755 I have a Butler alarm clock, DB 6 alarm clock, a World Clock alarm clock, a Voice Memo alarm clock, and maybe more I've forgotten. I have SMS weather alert, Blazer with a weather site, local weather in my speed dial and I spend most of my day where its always 72 degrees and fluoresent sunny.

Oh, yeah. I can put whatever walllpaper I want on the main screen. AND there's a ton of freeware clocks out there...with alarms I'm sure.

In short, I had always believed that the world involved magic: now I thought that perhaps it involved a magician.
- Chesterton

RE: a powerful time management tool
SeldomVisitor @ 7/25/2007 9:13:07 AM # Q
Perhaps "clock software" is particularly easy to write for the platform.

RE: a powerful time management tool
freakout @ 7/25/2007 9:22:58 AM # Q
Not everyone owns all those apps you mentioned, vetdoctor. The standard World Clock included with a Palm is quite limited, and stuff like application scheduling is very handy.
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vetdoctor @ 7/26/2007 8:40:34 PM # Q
" Application scheduling"
Honestly I am at a complete loss. just what would it schedule? All my aps need me to tell them what to do.

In short, I had always believed that the world involved magic: now I thought that perhaps it involved a magician.
- Chesterton
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