SplashTravel Updated to v2.14

Splash Travel Palm SoftwareSplashData's other new app, SpashTravel, was released last year in its initial 1.x version. May 18th brought about the release of the overhauled 2.0 version of the app in both Pro and Standard variants, featuring live global weather data, live foreign currency conversions, and live flight and airline info . The SplashTravel team has not been sitting by idly since May, as the app is currently up to version 2.14, released on the 5th of this month. This is mostly a bugfix release but with weekly updates to the program occuring since May, SplashTravel should continue to see additional new features and improvements added in the near future.

SplashTravel 2.0 Professional edition is available as a monthly ($6.95/mo) or annual subscription ($49.95 yearly). A standard edition is also available which forgoes the subscription pricing and leaves out the live weather and flight info for $29.95 USD.

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