mVoice Updated to 5.5.3

mVoice for Palm OSA minor update to Motion Apps' mVoice call recording and voice memo recording app has been released. The new version, 5.5.3, adds support for the new Treo 755p. In addition, version 5.5.3 improves upon earlier versions by adding the ability to adjust recording volume with the Treo's side buttons. File handling & deletion has also been improved and the recording screen is no longer displayed by default at the conclusion of a phone call. Initial testing of 5.5.3 on an unpatched 700p shows no major differences from 5.5.2 and slight faster menu transitions.

mVoice is available now for $24.95 and runs on the Treo 650, 680, 700p, and 755p. A review of of version 5.0 of mVoice can be found here.

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