SplashWallet Suite Updated

SplashWallet SoftwareFollowing up on last month's release of SplashID v. 4.0, SplashData has posted the first new version of their SplashWallet Suite in nearly 16 months. SplashWallet 7.0 brings the new SplashID 4.0 version onboard alongside carryover versions of SplashMoney, SplashPhoto, and SplashShopper from last year's version 6.1.

SplashWallet 7.0 is available now for $59.95, at 50% off the standard $119.95 value. Previous SplashWallet suite owners can upgrade to any version of 7.x for $9.95.

Currently, SplashWallet 7.0's SplashID desktop components are for Windows only. A Mac version will begin development shortly. The other existing apps in the bundle are either mobile device standalone apps or have full Mac and PC-compatible desktop versions available.

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