Navigon Announces New Navigational Software

NAVIGON has announced the launch of new navigation software specially designed for use on smartphones. With MobileNavigator|6 Wireless Edition, carriers and handset makers can offer consumers the same rich, user-friendly navigation experience seen in today's high-end personal navigation devices.

Already the best known brand name in navigation software in Germany, NAVIGON has big plans for the U.S. market -- and even bigger plans for the wireless space. MobileNavigator|6 Wireless Edition is based on NAVIGON's latest generation of software, MobileNavigator|6 Premium, built in partnership with the German applied research organization that invented the MP3 format, the Fraunhofer Institute. MobileNavigator|6 Wireless Edition was designed to deliver dynamic navigation on smaller screen sizes and to work with touch screen and button functionality, common parameters on smart phones.

NavigonMobileNavigator|6 Wireless Edition supports more smartphone platforms than any other navigation software provider, among them J2ME, Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, Windows 2003 Phone Edition, Palm OS, and Symbian operating systems. Significantly, the software accommodates both onboard (media-based) and off-board (server-based) models. Onboard models place software and map on the smartphone whereas off-board lets users call into a remote server to download dynamic turn-by-turn directions and maps onto their smartphones.

"With our Wireless Edition, our goal was to provide handset users with the same high quality and user-friendly navigation experience offered by personal navigation devices. It's the natural next step in the evolution of the category," said Andreas Hecht, SVP and General Manager for the Americas for NAVIGON. "We built MobileNavigator|6 Wireless Edition to transform any smart phone into a fully-functional personal navigation device."

MobileNavigator|6 Wireless Edition is based on NAVIGON's successful MobileNavigator navigation brand software, widely deployed on popular personal navigation devices marketed by the world's leading brand names in consumer electronics.

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Map data source?

I.M Anonymous @ 9/14/2006 11:54:53 AM # Q
Anyone know if they are using TeleAtlas or NAVTEQ for their street and POI data? If they are using NAVTEQ, I might just be tempted to switch away from TomTom (whose TeleAtlas data is pretty lousy).

RE: Map data source?
neuron @ 9/17/2006 2:57:57 PM # Q

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