Fix discovered to run TomTom Navigator 6 on Treo 680

TomTom 6 GPS Smartphone NavigatorTomTom's superb Navigator 6 GPS software (see PIC review here) has only enjoyed a few months of retail availability but already supposedly has troubles with the newest Palm OS device on the market, the Treo 680. A TreoCentral forum member has recently discovered and posted a work-around by using a hex editor that enables TomTom 6 to function on the Treo 680, essentially thinking it's actually a 650. Please note that this is an unsupported and unverified by PIC fix. Use at your own risk!

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Update: works like a charm. Albeit the cheap, tacky kind.

freakout @ 1/6/2007 1:14:05 AM # Q
Works great in that you can now actually start the program, but it doesn't recognise the Left/Right directions on the 5-way nor the centre button.

Given that it's such a trivial fix to get it running, why haven't TomTom released an official update yet? Testing time maybe?

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RE: Update: works like a charm. Albeit the cheap, tacky kind.
hkklife @ 1/7/2007 2:38:52 PM # Q
Why haven't they released an update yet? Probably because TomTom are a rather lazy, unprofessional bunch who have grown far too fast. Their website crashes when I try to purchase new 2006 maps? Please! And claiming that the TX isn't supported by their Navigator 6 software because it's less-capable than a lowly Treo 650? PLEASE!

TomTom are sort of like the Dutch version of Palm (and the American cellphone carriers)--they want to sock it to their loyal customers whenever and however possible. I also see a disturbing trend of neglecting one product line (Plam: PDAs/TomTom: Navigator software) in favor of the "hot" higher-margin item (Palm: Treos/TomTom: TomTom GO dedicated GPS units).

In this day & age, you almost have to buy a product based on what a company's track record for support and updates is more so than any other criteria!

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Palm bits from CES 2007

hkklife @ 1/7/2007 5:45:32 PM # Q
Treonauts has some good bits about Palm's "presence" (or lack thereof) at CES 2007:

Something that caught my eye is a talk being given by someone from Palm:

What: "The Personal Entertainment Revolution: One Device vs. Many”
Who: Joe Fabris, director of wireless solutions, Palm
When: Tuesday, Jan. 9, Noon - 1 p.m.
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall N254

Isn't it hard to relace many devices with one when, most glaringly, the "one" product Mr. Fabris will likely be pitching features the crippling omission of a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack? Also, the constantly sub-par Treo cameras without a flash are really starting to look bad here in 2007.

When's Palm going to realize that a media-centric Treo (good battery life, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, 320*480 screen, 1gb+ internal flash storage, good quality camera) is key to not being lost amidst a slew of competitors looking stronger daily?

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RE: Palm bits from CES 2007
freakout @ 1/7/2007 8:23:45 PM # Q
^^ Not until it's too late, it seems. It's the most obvious place to start with Colligan's mantra of "diversification", as per the conference call, yet apart from a half-hearted effort years ago with the LifeDrive, they still haven't taken a real stab at the booming personal media segment. What gives?

It wouldn't be that hard to revamp the Palm Desktop - spruce up the interface a bit, add a music library, polish the video and photo management - and if they did, then they'd have an almost iTunes-like one-stop sync shop. And iTunes' (relatively painless, although I personally hate it) sync system is a big part of the iPod's success. Palm have a similar gem in HotSync and the Palm Desktop, but both apps are in desperate need of a refresh to make them both prettier and more intuitive.

Once they've handled that side of the equation, all they'd really need to do is put out a 320*480 Treo with a 3.5mm jack. Bundle a (stable, please) version of Coreplayer or alternatively just support more formats (divx etc) in the Pics & Videos app. And re-jigger pTunes so that it syncs via HotSync, rather than leaving it to the third-party music programs. Success!

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