New Palm GPS Navigator Kit 3 Forthcoming? is listing a new Palm GPS Navigator 3 kit for Smartphones in its product listings. The sales price is given at $287.42 and is currently not in stock.

In addition, Palm's latest Estimated Street Price List sheet shows the GPS Navigator 3 kit as being compatible with Treo 650, 700w/p/wx, and Treo 680. The current GPS Navigator 2 kit is incompatible with the Treo 680 and only unofficially supports the 700wx.

A recent article from CES 2007 written by Andrew at TreoNauts also mentioned a discussion he had with a Palm spokesperson who hinted at a forthcoming new GPS kit. This mildly revised package will have TomTom Navigator 6.03 software (the most recent as of this writing) and the newly updated 2006 maps mentioned here recently as well as Treo 680 and MiniSD card support. The cradle included with this new package is also supposedly custom-designed for Treos so it should be smaller and less vibration-prone.

Also of interest is the fact that the very same January 2007 Palm ESPL shows the LifeDrive as EOL'd and a few Palm peripherals reduced in price.

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Wo says Palm OS can't multi-task?

LiveFaith @ 1/18/2007 11:35:38 PM # Q
Just bought the TT Navi 5 BT for Tungsten T3 and car kit on eBAY. Whole deal unused for $115 shipped. Wow, what a wonderful and simple to use tool. If this one form Palm inc is better, then it's a great product.

I dusted off my TT3 and pushed her beautiful screen real estate back into good use. Mounted on my dash she just guides the way flawlessly.

Best of all, when I get phone calls my Treo 680 picks up on BT headset and I talk while following direx. Who says Palm OS can't multitask and handle multiple BT connex simultaneously? :-D

Pat Horne

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