Updated 2006 Maps for TomTom Navigator 6 Now Available

A recent visit to the TomTom USA web site showed a new banner advertising map updates. I entered in the registration key for my TomTom Navigator 6 DVD (included in the Palm GPS Navigator 6 GPS kit reviewed here) and received the pleasant surprise that I was eligible for "free" updated 2006 maps from TomTom. A USPS shipping charge of $6 is assessed by TomTom but that still seems to be fair considering that a physical DVD is being mailed out to users.

I unfortunately ran into some site glitches when trying to process the order the first time around. I waited a day and then tried the process again and it was successful. Please note that TomTom's web site accepts PayPal *only* for upgrade upgrade purchases.

TomTom Navigator 6 currently supports only the following devices officially: Treo 650, 700p, 700w. Hopefully a forthcoming version update will add compatibility with newer Treo devices such as the 680, 700wx, and 750 and perhaps even recent Palm handhelds such as the LifeDrive or TX. No word if there's an updated Palm OS client of the TomTom 6 Navigator software included with the new maps. TomTom is also now offering special upgrade pricing for users of the older TomTom Navigator 5 software.

The Palm GPS Navigator 6 kit is available now on sale for $289.99.

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Questions and problems

luomat @ 1/10/2007 12:46:59 AM # Q
Mailing a DVD costs less than $1. Packaging? Maybe another $1. What does the other $4 go for?

Time for someone to put them together?

Why not let people download them from their accounts if they are registered? I'm amazed so many companies want people to register and then give them nothing (except the occasional marketing email) for their efforts. Save me $6.

Also, where did you find upgrade information? I can't see what anywhere.

RE: Questions and problems
hkklife @ 1/10/2007 1:43:01 AM # Q
Do you realize how many gigs of data are on the 2005 version of the TomTom map DVD? I really doubt anyone would want to have to pull all of that data down via even a speedy broadband connection. For some things, like this one, physical media distrution the ol' fashioned way is still best. $6 isn't going to make or break anyone. I'll gladly pay a nominal fee for updates/upgrades etc. if it's not a regular thing and I see decent value in supporting the developer. At least TomTom is attempting to provide some kind of updates or support for owners of their software...which is more than I can say about Palm!

Ahem, www.tomtom.com has a giant green flash banner at the top of the page. It states: "Stay up to date: The newest maps are now available (Because roads change)"

And under that there is another box in green saying "Now available...Best maps ever!"
with "order here" in bold.

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Really Confused

bbuerger75 @ 1/10/2007 8:44:27 AM # Q
I just got my TomTom 6 for Christmas. I love the product to death but I'm finding TomTom doesn't really communicate very well. Their web site can be challenging at times and their product versions are extremely inconsistent. For example:

Boot up my DVD - says it's v6.000
My DVD jacket - says it's v6.6
New map offered on the web site - v6.65
Put product code in "Is my map up-to-date?" boxes on the right side of the web screen - response is "Yes. Your current map is the most up to date at the moment. Other country or continent maps are available. "

Anyone else having this issue? How do you really know if you need an update?

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Update also avalable for Navigator 5

tvoverbeek @ 1/10/2007 2:45:11 PM # Q
I have TomTom Navigator 5.12 on my TX.
The map update is also available for Navigator 5.
It cost me $49.95 + $6 shiping + $2.50 sales tax.
RE: Update also avalable for Navigator 5
gild @ 1/15/2007 8:57:23 PM # Q
I have been trying to find out from TomTom if Nav 6 is compatible with My Palm TX. They dodge answering the question. I also have 5.12 and want to up to 6 but don't want to waste money and time. You have it installed and are using it? PLease let me know how it works for you. Thanks....


RE: Update also avalable for Navigator 5
bpc23 @ 6/25/2007 10:24:27 PM # Q
tvoverbeek, I was just told by TomTom tech support that there aren't any map updates for Navigator 5. What other information can you give me about the updates you ordered? Is there a product number that you can give me? How did the update work for you?



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great product, miserable license

joad @ 1/11/2007 12:33:25 AM # Q
What would be great would be an updater like Garmin offers on the Nuvi. Plug it in, and the thing checks your unit and updates program, maps, etc. with the latest. No muss, no fuss.

Tom Tom has a beautiful GUI and works almost as well as a Garmin - but their vain attempts to foil hackers (you can find patches for it all over the web anyway) has made the product a royal pain for their *paid* licensees. They tie it to the *hardware* serial, meaning every time you get a replacement device (oh yeah - never happens with a Treo...) they expect you to go through this arduous process of getting some sort of "receipt" that will pass muster with them - then spend 1/2 hour on the phone with their customer service pleading to allow you to use the software on your new device... (and repeat on the next replacement...).

It's discouraging when developers intentionally aim for "buyers remorse" with their policies.

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Where to get the software only?

vixensjlin @ 1/11/2007 9:46:17 AM # Q
This "kit" is bundled with GPS hardware. is it available software only?

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