Sync Treo Text Messages with a Mac

funkeestory Mac SMS SyncFunkeeStory is a new application that enables Mac OS X users to sync their Palm OS Treo SMS messages with a Mac. The program allows for a one-touch backup - using a conduit that works with both the Palm Desktop and Missing Sync software. It allows your SMS messages to be saved, sorted and searched on your desktop. It supports international text as well as MMS messages that contain photos and audio clips.

FunkeeStory v1.0.5 is a Universal Binary for Mac OS X. It comes with a free trial and costs $19.95 to register.

Thanks to TUAW for the tip.

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Sync Text messages with a PC ???

claydo @ 2/8/2008 12:51:47 PM # Q
I need to download (sync) my text messages from my treo 650 to a windows PC . Do you know of a product that will do this? Thanks!

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