Kinoma Player 4 EX Updated

Kinoma Palm SoftwareKinoma has released a small update to Kinoma Player EX bringing it up to v4.1.2. Kinoma media player software brings streaming flash video support for videos from YouTube and Google Video and has a vast built in online media guide. You can check out Kris' previous review here. The latest updates include stability enhancements, rss and media synchronization improvements, and support for the Treo 750 via StyleTap.

The update can be download via the integrated version checker or downloaded from the PIC store. Kinoma Player 4.1 EX costs $24.95.

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AVI Support

dukat @ 3/2/2007 4:04:09 AM # Q
Is this player still lacking support for the most widely used Videocontainerformat today -- AVI?

RE: AVI Support
moofie @ 3/2/2007 2:24:53 PM # Q
AVI is a container for an awful lot of different codecs. Which one are you curious about?

RE: AVI Support
dukat @ 3/5/2007 5:18:57 AM # Q
Is there any other of relevance than xvid / divx? That would be new to me :-)

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