Symantec Developing Anti-virus App for Palm

Despite admitting that there are currently no known virus, worm, or Trojan horse threats targeting PDAs, Symantec announced that it is developing an anti-virus program for the Palm. Ron Moritz, Symantec's chief technical officer said, "Our goal is to safeguard critical data against potential attacks anywhere data wants to be." Because of the smaller storage capacity of handhelds, Symantec is hoping to eliminate the need for the large virus definitions commonly used in anti-virus products.

This statement is almost certainly made in response to recent reports about a virus that is spread by e-mail capable cell phones.

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If you build they will come.

MoneyGrabber @ 6/9/2000 11:51:51 AM #
Why fix what doesn't exist. It could exist so why not a sell a product to protect us against nothing pretty easy to program I think. Someone may take this as a challenge, and write one.

AntiVirus software hasn't been able to save us from the love bug, and many other virus,anyways. so why would this be any diferent.

I used to sell computers and a virus was just a good way to explain why something wasn't working and to sell an expensive piece of software to novice users, ie. y2K compliant printers give me a break.

Fear mongering is rampant in this tecnophobic society. If it was so important to our safty why not just give it away. as a public service and sell advertising on the web site when updates come out.

Money grab ?
I'm not saying a word....

You ever wonder about the viruses?

Maven @ 6/9/2000 3:47:22 PM #
It always seemed to me the anti-virus software makers had the most to gain from new viruses, and the publicity of a big outbreak. Although I certainly wouldn't suggest they would release one, I sometimes wonder about things... (hmmmmm...) If we see our first Palm virus very soon after the product is released, maybe we can add 2 + 2 together?


Skaff @ 6/12/2000 6:07:44 AM #
Symantec's track record with Palm software is not too great. Witness the Mobile Winfax fiasco where, Symantec are aware that Mobile Winfax will not work with Palm OS3.5 but state on their website that they have no intentions of updating the product to work with devices running Palm OS3.5. (Bad luck for purchasers like me who updated to a more recent Palm device then found that Mobile Winfax didn't work, but was outside the 60 day product return period).
Not only that but most support and all archived message board entries for Mobile Winfax have mysteriously disappeared. To look at the Mobile Winfax product pages on the Symantec site you would think that there is not a single problem with it.
Noting the above, all I can say is make sure that Symantec are going to keep the Palm virus checker updated before you buy it.


Skaff @ 6/12/2000 8:47:20 AM #
Stop Press:
On the Symantec site it now says that Mobile Winfax 1.0 has been discontinued. So come on you developers, why don't you write us a nice up-to-date spiffy fax app for the Palm(OS3.5 compatible, IR support, cover page etc. etc.)? There's bound to be money in it!


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