Unlocked Treo 680 On Sale

Treo 680 on saleThe Palm.com online store is running a $50 discount on the Treo 680 smartphone this weekend. The Palm Unlocked Treo 680 GSM smartphone is now on sale for $349 through Sunday, August 12th. The offer also includes free shipping on any order at the Palm Store.

The AT&T Treo 680 is also on a new extended discount. You can now save $300 on the purchase of a new AT&T/Cingular Treo 680. There is a $250 instant rebate from Palm and $50 mail-in rebate from AT&T when you sign up for a new 2 year service plan. This offer only lasts until August 31, 2007.

You can read the PIC Treo 680 review here.

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Good news. But bring back the colours!

freakout @ 8/11/2007 12:30:48 AM # Q
subject. The colours really do make it much more attractive.
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Tuckermaclain @ 8/11/2007 12:28:33 PM # Q
I'm holding out for the "Black Tie" 680. It will complement the cranberry Vx very nicely.

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