PDA32 Option Modules Not Modular

Bit by bit, day by day, we are learning more details about Aceeca's new PDA32 Palm OS Garnet OS handheld.  Today's tip comes courtesey of Aceeca's CEO ALex Topschij via Tam's Palm.   After the recent revelation of availability and pricing of the full line of PDA32 optional modules, some users may have been wondering if it would be possible to order a PDA32 for the $179 base price now and later purchase and install the add-ons themselves.  Unfortunately, this will not be possible, according to Mr. Topschij.  He states in his response to Tam:

No the add-ons are not modular. We would possibly consider a low cost exchange system if a users requirements changed. They give us their old unit we give them a replacement and charge them a small premium on top of the normal additional cost. That is just a thought of the top of my head it is something we would need to think about a bit more.

Also, due to the recent influx of news on this new device, we have created a special news item archive for all things PDA32 and Aceeca, accessible here.


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