Tam's Preliminary PDA32 Review Posted

In his continuing coverage of the first new Palm OS handheld in nearly five years, TamsPalm has posted a wrap-up of their preliminary overview of the device. Tam's multi-part preview is available in a number of sections discussing the physical size comparisons with other pocket-sized devices as well as the attributes of the PDA32's LCD screen. Tam has promised to update his preliminary results once he has a final PDA32 for testing.

For those who have not been intently following the long saga of the Aceeca's niche hit of the year, Tam claims that the device is "huge" but has a "...very ergonomic form factor which makes the device comfortable to hold during use". He also describes the screen as "very good" in a series of comparison photos. Again, Tam's tests were on a very early non-final piece of hardware, so his findings may vary drastically from shipping production units. Surprisingly, Tam even appears to give the nod to a factory-fresh PDA32 over a several year-old Palm TX due to its better screen, more bulkier but more comfortable form factor, and much better battery life and warranty.

In related news, Aceeca employee Hemon posted in the company's support forums addressing the widespread incompatibility problem with the existing Palm/Access USB Hotsync drivers with 64-bit versions of Windows. This issue is currently under investigation by the company and they hope to have a solution at some point in the future: "We are working on a solution, but as yet we don't have something to give you right now. We will update you as we progress."

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