Birth of MPUC (Malaysia Palm Users Community)

We are proud to announce the birth of MPUC (Malaysia Palm Users Community) at
MPUC is a group of Malaysians using Palm-OS based handheld computers. This page was officially opened to public only very recently (May 2000) MPUC is a Non-Profit Palm Users Community that have NO Affiliation with any Commercial Entity, neither are we supported by them. However we are very interested to work with various palm vendors on promoting their products to the Malaysia Palm community. If you're a vendor of a PalmPilot product or service, and would like to work with us, please contact Jon Lee ( for more infomation.

What does MPUC do? The group's main mission is simple, and is summed up in four words: LEARN, SHARE, HAVE FUN.

LEARN more about the Palm devices : hardware, software, accessories... SHARE what you have and know about the Palm organizers and other related devices... HAVE FUN learning how to get more out of your device and meeting other users.

On our site, you will find nice palm reviews written by our contributors, a small but growing FAQ section, a searchable News section, a E-Text section relevant to Malaysia context and also a online Java Chat section where you can talk to another palm user online and realtime!

We have also created the following online discussion forums on our site and they are currently managed by some of the most active palm advocates (Tengku Nizam, Dr John Chiam & Lynn Tan) in the Malaysia palm community. We welcome more people to visit our forum. 1) General - General Palm Discussion.
2) Technical - Ask your Technical Support Questions here.
3) Marketplace - Buy and Sell your Palm stuff here!
4) Developers - What is your next killer Palm Application?
5) Ask The Doctor. - Palm's Medical Applications Q & A.

MPUC Welcomes all palm users to join in our dynamic team in developing the fastest growing Malaysia Palm Users Community.

Users who are interested in contributing in building the site can email Webmaster (


Jon Lee
Webmaster of

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