Widespread webOS Clearance Pricing

The price-slashing and apparent inventory reduction continues for all of Palm's current WebOS devices. Following our recent article about HP's Wireless Central store offering "free" versions of all the various carrier versions of the Pre and Pixi alongside other promotions, Sprint and Verizon's own online stores have taken a hatchet to the prices of the Pre and Pixi.

Sprint's original Pre, the granddaddy of WebOS devices, has been reduced to $50 and the Pixi is now free with a two-year contract. Verizon has likewise lowered both of their enhanced WebOS offerings, the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to "free" online. As of this writing, the mobile wi-fi hotspot remains a no-charge bonus for Verizon WebOS users. Verizon has been rather busy with Palm-related news of late, with the recent announcements of prepaid service now available for its WebOS devices and a rumored EOL date for the Pre Plus next month.

palm pre clearance saleRetail Report
For those who prefer a brick and mortar shopping experience, some recently outings provided similar results. My local Verizon Wireless corporate store has apparently restocked the Pixi Plus (previously a special-order item) and is offering it for free with contract. The Pre Plus remains $49.99 in-store with Verizon. Additionally, a recent Best Buy trip revealed all of the remaining Palm-branded peripherals and Rocketfish Pre accessories to be on clearance. On a followup visit two weeks later, I noticed that all of the Palm-branded items were gone and the handful of Rocketfish cases had been marked down to $9.99.

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