Verizon Pre Plus webOS 1.4.5 Update Coming Soon

Despite last week's news of the arrival of webOS 1.4.5 for Verizon's Pixi Plus, the Pre Plus version of the latest WebOS update remains in limbo. Sprint remains the only carrier having completed the full 1.4.5 rollout amongst its devices, as AT&T users of both WebOS devices are still awaiting the update.

Verizon's update should be coming in the relatively near future, however, as a new PDF spotted on Verizon's support site details the full list of improvements for WebOS 1.4.5, now toting the "build 171" addendum. The main enhancements featured in this update, along with support for PDK apps, is "Better Mobile Hotspot Connectivity", "Better Web Functionality", and "Overall Improved Battery Performance".

According to emails received by a frustrated user from Verizon Wireless support, the Verizon Pre Plus update is reportedly coming in a "couple of weeks". Additional information can be found on Verizon's Pre support page.

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