New Talent Arriving at Palm

Exactly one month after we learned of Peter Skillman's departure from Palm for the greener pastures at Nokia, one of Nokia's main MeeGo architects has subsequently jumped ship to Palm. According to AllThingsD, Former MeeGo head Ari Jaaksi is heading to Palm as SVP of the WebOS engineering team, after leaving Nokia earlier this month for "personal" reasons.

Jaaksi's arrival is not the only notable new arrival at HP/Palm, as the AllThingsD article also mentions the hiring of ex-Samsung USA R&D Head Victoria Coleman. She will handle platform and application development for future editions of webOS as HP looks to move to OS into a variety of devices and form factors.

Palm's new personnel moves come just in time for the rollout of version 2.0 of the OS alongside the anticipated upcoming release Palm's first new hardware this year.

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