PalmUser magazine gets 8 more pages

PalmUser magazine, the world's biggest paper-based magazine devoted entirely to Palm organizers and compatibles, is expanding yet again! Issue 4 of PalmUser magazine, out early July, will now feature *120* pages of full color Palm-specific content, including: - Another MASSIVE in-depth review section, including TakeNote/WordSleuth, NS Basic, Time Traveller, axxpac, Kodak Palmpix camera, Lonely Planet guides, Collins Language Dictionary, Infoselect, book reviews and more!

- A roundup of To Do List add-ons and replacements
- Time logging on your Palm - the definitive guide for anyone who needs to book their time by the hour...
- Mapping and GPS add-ons and software for your Palm
- A roundup of Handspring Visor add-ons currently available
- Working with Memo Pad - lots of useful tips and tricks
- Automatically plug important dates and events into your Palm - a look at Date Book 'loaders'
- A look at some indispensible Palm add-ons...
- WAP - why's it going to be so significant in the Palm world?
- Plus all the regular features, including news, reviews, Hints & Tips, Q&A, GameZONE, Worth a Read and much more...

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