Keep Your Palm Close at Hand

Keeping your palm close at hand has become easier with the new "" accessory for the PalmTM brand handheld computer.
The clip was originally designed to add convenience and stop Palm misplacement in work environments. It was seen as so useful by the first users of it that the clip is now being made available to individuals. A spare plastic stylus and unique spare-stylus holder are included so the user always has a standby stylus available. A lanyard is included and can be attached to the clip for left or right-handed use. 

Various lanyard styles can be used with the clip.

The new patent pending clip flips up out of the way for the Palm to PC synchronization process.

According to the inventor, Robert Searfoss of Atlanta, Georgia, the name was selected because, "It's a clip, it's cool, and when you own one it's yours. Then if someone asks you about it you can say, 'That's,' and so it names itself. Kind of cool and also groovy, and of course the name ties it to the website."

Full information with pictures is available on the web at

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