Palm's Chief Technology Officer Talks About the Fu

ZDnet has an interview with Bill Maggs, Palm's chief technology officer. There were several very interesting quotes:

We are going to move wireless into our entire product line. We are going to make it fundamentally part of what you expect Palm to do.

We made a ton of money from licensing to Handspring, and we blew our own numbers away at the same time. There is a gigantic landgrab: Where companies like Yahoo were in 1997, that is where we are right now.

A Palm is a Mac Plus in a really nice box.

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Wintel in your pocket

Ryan @ 6/13/2000 2:31:08 PM #
This quote had me roaring,

They (Microsoft) are going to spend lots and lots of money trying to convince people that they really want to carry around a Wintel box in their pocket. That's not the way I want to live. I want to turn on my PDA, I want it to work, and I want it never to crash. I want it to be like Palm.

Pocket Mac!

mikecane@wildmail @ 6/14/2000 12:27:08 PM #
When I would tell people that the Palm was basically an early Mac in pocket form, I'd get strange looks. Finally, vindication from Palm itself! Too bad all those dummies who disbelieved me will never see those words (and if they did, they'd go, "So what?" -- ah, the blissfully unchanging nature of morons!) mc


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