Visor Released in Japan

Handspring announced Wednesday it would move into the Japanese market with a localized version of its Visor handheld. The Japanese-language version of Visor will hit Japan's retail shelves Friday through its wholly owned Japan unit. They will be available on-line starting June 30.

In a related story, Symbol Technologies will license Handspring's Springboard expansion technology for use in its next-generation line of handhelds. Symbol is the first licensee of Springboard technology. Symbol creates ruggedized handhelds running the Palm OS for businesses.

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Can they Deliver!

Bruce in Ohio @ 6/19/2000 7:19:19 PM #
I really like my Visor, which works very well. But, buying anything from HandSpring seems to be a problem!! I guess I'm wondering if it's a supply problem or is it just a problem with their U.S. order fulllfilment?

I see they are now available Online at, maybe they have fixed the ordering problems.

RE: Can they Deliver!
Ryan @ 6/19/2000 9:01:20 PM #
I would say that Handspring has fixed their former ordering problems. There have been numerous reports on this site and other of speedy deliveries from HS. In fact I ordered a Visor from Amazon and recieved it 3 days later with standard shipping.


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