More Pre Release Date Leakage Speculation

Engadget has received and posted what they claim is "Sprint planning documentation" that specifies some details on the Pre's launch timing. The screen grab shows a project labeled as Palm Pre Handset Launch with a "Req. Delivery Date" of May 16th.

The source or intention of the document is not made clear, however this new piece of info corroborates well with last Fridays May 17th launch timeframe possibility. At the very least, the launch window can now be narrowed down to sometime within the May 17 to June 30 timeframe, barring any additional delays.

Palm Pre Release Schedule

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This is right on time

hgoldner @ 4/13/2009 3:11:27 PM # Q
This time frame exactly parallels the release of the Treo 755p. It seems that the idea is to get the unit in Sprint's hands early enough so that it can be released on Verizon before the holidays.

The 755p was released in Mid May of 2007 and was available on Verizon on December 17th of 2007.

RE: This is right on time
LiveFaith @ 4/13/2009 7:07:21 PM # M Q
Dec 17? Eight days before Christmas does not sound like such a great plan. Most major purcha$es come earlier than that. Am I wrong?
I'm hoping that it's the GSM ATT version on Dec17.
RE: This is right on time
hkklife @ 4/14/2009 12:17:10 PM # Q
My prediction: Sprint Pre sometime between May 30th and June 30th, in VERY limited initial quantities.

GSM Pre sometime around Oct-Nov '09. No Verizon version of the Pre at all, at least not anytime in 2009.

And keep in mind that the VZW 755p was avaialble only via their b2b/web/mail order channels prior to Christmas '07. It didn't actually arrive in-store (where most gift/impulse/consumer purchases occur) until early January '08. Then the VZW 755p was EOL'd a mere 6-7 months later when the Centro arrived.
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Simple way of verifying...

justauser @ 4/13/2009 10:13:43 PM # Q
There are a few scheduled projects on this list. Pick a couple that are due soon and wait to see if it happens. If they occur 'as scheduled' then there is a remote possibility this timeline is true ;-)

I'm picking;
Update Legal Footnotes (due 19th March).
I'm assuming this refers to their website and the current footnote "2009 Sprint. All rights reserved"

Looks like it could do with just a tiny bit more detail in this footnote so the story checks out so far. Also, the Renegade V950 has indeed been removed from their listing but no way of telling if this was done on 13th as scheduled.

Let the waiting game begin... I mean continue...

RE: Simple way of verifying...
justauser @ 4/13/2009 10:22:09 PM # Q
I mean 19th April. My stake out is already messed up!
RE: Simple way of verifying...
evilduck @ 4/14/2009 8:21:44 AM # Q
Legal footnotes? I dont see any footnotes, can you post more about the legal footnotes?
RE: Simple way of verifying...
justauser @ 4/22/2009 2:54:47 PM # Q
Well I'm almost certain the footnotes at the bottom of were "2009 Sprint. All rights reserved" at the time of my previous post but are now "featured articles, trademarks and statements aren the property of their respective...[blah blah blah]"

Story checks out so far....

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