Dom Perignon II Palm Speed typing Contest

Two years after the first Dom Perignon Speed Contest, Textware Solutions is launching a Dom Perignon II. The contest aims at providing a rational basis of comparison between alternative input methods by having participants enter the same test paragraph with various input methods on Palm Organizers and Pocket PCs.
The allowed methods include Fitaly, FitalyStamp and other overlay such as Silkyboard, Graffiti and other methods based on handwriting such as Jot and Calligrapher, a much larger set of methods than were available in 1998 for the first contest. Awards include a bottle of the prestigious Dom Perignon and 60 FitalyStamps. See this page for the full story.

A first Dom Perignon Contest was run in July 1998, won by Marcus McRae. Two years later, with more input methods available, the time has come to reassess what can be achieved on these wonderful handheld machines. This is the purpose of this second iteration of the contest.

The results of this first contest are available at:

To allow an easier comparison with the earlier contest, we have chosen to keep the same test paragraph. It turns out that the words used in it are among the most frequent in the English language and are therefore a good test for usual tapping skills.

Anyone can participate. (But participation in this contest is not allowed in countries where such contests are not legal.)

Participants in the first contest can submit entries as long as they are faster than in the first contest. Multiple entries can be submitted. Each participant can only win one award (except possibly in addition of the Dom Perignon award itself).

Jean D. Ichbiah
Textware Solutions

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First Week's Results @ 6/21/2000 9:48:23 AM #
Curious how this contest is going? The current results are available here:" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

Using FitalyStamp, the current leader can write the test sentence in 34.05 seconds, about half the time of the winner of the previous contest.



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