GPS Module for Visor Announced

GeoDiscovery announced today that it will soon be releasing the Geode, a Global Positioning System Springboard module. It is expected to ship end of this summer. It sports two removable memory card slots. Each is capable of holding up to 64MB of map data and destination content. It also has a built-in compass.

In addition, GeoDiscovery announced the GeoDiscovery Library - a collection of location-based, geo-encoded information that users can download or purchase for use with the Geode. Subjects that GeoDiscovery plans to offer through the GeoDiscovery Library include interactive maps, travel guides, history, business, recreation, adventure, family and personal travel information.

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Cool Stuff

Jon W @ 6/22/2000 12:14:09 AM #
This really sounds like a cool piece of technology if it does all that the manufacturer claims. It will be interesting to see if it will meet expectations and all for a reasonable price.


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