Quickies: Gnome PDA, New Games and a Universal IR

A company called Henzi is working on porting the Linux desktop environment GNOME, to a linux pda platform. They have some nice screenshots of the prototype interface. Kyle Poole writes, PDAGames.com has just posted an exclusive preview of the upcoming game Dark Haven 2 by Gasgorf Software, makers of the award winning Ackeron: Dark Sun, and an interview with co-founder Geoff Hulten. Psion released a universal PDA IR modem that works with all major handheld devices, including Palm, Handspring Visor and Windows CE. You simply plug the device into a phone jack and point your PDA at the Travel Modem and you can connect to the web at up to 56K bps.

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Gnome PDA

S. Rifkin @ 6/23/2000 3:02:42 PM #
Very Appleish - since the sister companies are all Mac gurus. But I wonder about the fundamental wisdom of porting an interface that while easy on the eyes is about 10 years old. Certainly there are other ways to make use of the screen/device that don't rely on swapping your stylus for a mouse.

re linux

gourry @ 6/26/2000 9:58:54 AM #
well,yeah, it may be old, but you can't deny that it i smaller, faster, and more stable than anything out there. I wanna seehoe they pull this off

Psion IR Modem

Carl Polley @ 6/27/2000 8:00:26 AM #
Has anyone tried out this new IR modem? Is there _any_ reason not to get it? It seems ideal...


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