Internet World Part 2

Mike Cane writes to us with another article full of details from the Visor scene at Internet World. Mike chats with Jeff about upgrading the Palm OS on a Visor and finds out some more juicy details about Springboards in development. Read Part 2, and here's a link to the first article if you missed it.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 10/8/1999 5:05:45 PM #
1) In the Mesaview para, when I state "two dedicated readers," I did not mean *people*! I meant the Rocketbook and the other one whose name I can't recall.

2) BeOS & Apple people, forgive me! I was temporarily possessed by the Pope! It is Jean-LOUIS Gassee, of course!

mc (

portable scanners

Larry Wright @ 10/11/1999 8:27:16 AM #
cpen and siemens both make great pocket scanners.
I have used them both and they work very well and transmit the info to your pc very fast later when you get home. I bought them both from tiger direct in Fl.
for $170. for the siemans and $399. for the cpen which
holds 8 meg for several thousand pages of scans.
Try them you will like them. I even used to scan in
books from gutenberg press on my cpen then scroll the
text and read them on the lcd like a pda when on the road.

larry Wright

RE: portable scanners
Mike Cane ( @ 10/11/1999 10:54:20 AM #
Do you have an URL for this cpen device? I've never heard of it. mc (

good article

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/1999 3:30:28 AM #
your article has convinced me to buy a visor!


fghton @ 12/17/1999 9:02:37 PM #
Aside from the obvious...Ericson...Nokia...Motorola...Apple...Lucent..
which companies are you aware of or invest in the new "bluetooth" technology...The company you reviewed is a private one at this time...What publicly traded companies in this area do you think have a very bright future...Thanks so much....

Peter da Silva @ 2/6/2000 9:57:41 PM #
The Visor stylus is easier to get out than the Palm V stylus. I haven't played with the Palm III much... if it's easier to remove the stylust than the Visor I'd be worried about it falling out!

People are buying the color stylus six-packs and selling he extras on e-bay!

If you're on a first name basis with the Innogear people... I want a MMC+modem+ethernet+serial card! The flashing lights and vibrators? Forget it.

Market research

Robin Francois @ 3/29/2000 11:54:34 AM #

i'm a graduate student at boston University. I am
currently doing a market research about palms, so i'd
like to know how many palms have been sold those last
Thanks in advance for your help.


P.S. : Please answer at the following adress:

Visor Purchase

Eileen @ 6/11/2000 6:13:24 PM #
Ok, I've read your articles and I can't find out where to purchase one - you've convinced me that if I do buy, it will be BatMan Black. I've ben using the 8x11 executive day timer for years. Shoulder aches and think it's time to move into the computerized age with my schedule and notes. Low budget - extremely low.
Still suggest the visor? Help.


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